Where and Why Uptown Design Studio

      I discovered this image of a guy pouring over in a back of a what seems to be a U-Haul truck and that peaked my curiosity.  With more research and investigation, I founded out that it was Craighton Berman Manual Coffeemaker, who's blog I follow which is called "fueledbycoffee." So with more in depth research the on what exactly is this exhibition all about, it was the Guerrilla Truck Show.  The GTS is(was) hosted by Morlen Sinoway Artlier during the NEOCon largest international furniture traded show held at the Merchandise Mart.  The GTS was an event that served as an outlet for creatives to showcase their work in a temporary gallery space, but in the back of U-Haul Trucks in Fulton Market. 

     The deadline for submission was only a week away, so I decided what are the odds that I would be selected to participated with these designers, makers, artists and creatives.  I sketched a crude illustration of what my truck space would look like.  I had an idea to redesign the folding cart "UPTOWN SKYWLKR" for the urban dweller as my main piece, styled to look like a studio with MCM tanker desk, silkscreen laundry duffle "SO FRESH, SO CLEAN" and "OUT, OUT DAMN SPOT, OUT", blueprints on the wall, made "HOOK" rack to hang the folding cart and a bike rack the shape of a bike.  I was accepted two days before deadline and now I only had six weeks to design, prototype, build and make it come to life.  

     Everything came down to the wire with building out the space the night before, hanging drywall and letting the cement dry on the way to the show.   I also had to create a prototype brand "PhiasCo Collective" to show that the understanding of branding with business cards, logos and led signage.  

     On show day, it rained...but it did not damper the nervous excitement and hard work that led to this big day.   I was going to show the creative world and strangers my work and be judge and critique every inch of the 10foot U-haul truck.  With the support of friends and family it went off without a hitch (except for the flat tire pulling into the corral).

     Uptown Design Studio was founded during the 2014 Guerrilla Truck Show.  One of the prototype displayed during the show had an astounding feedback of the bike rack display.  It was during that show I knew that I wanted to rekindle my love for product design and interacting with people.  I just need that spark of interest to know that it was headed on the right path.  From that show, I was hired to commissioned a piece of work for DRYV.com (April Francis discovered the silkscreen laundry duffles).