Drop off box design

After a couple of weeks after the Guerrilla Truck Show, I was contacted to commission a prototype drop off unit for DRYV.com.  Enthused about the idea to collaborate and design an original piece, I accepted.  The original design went through several iterations to fit both the scope and cost for the project.  The piece was an industrial looking drop off container for dry-cleaning installed in an office building.  The design brief was a wheel rack to extravagant container and drive thru laundry service.  I took some of inspiration from the brief and omitted the parts that did not fit into the brand.  I pitch a drop off box that looks like a bread box truck that would deliver and pick your items with the feel of dropping off your dirties through a drive up cleaners.  The shape of the break box truck was the inspiration of the final design.  The drop off box had to include a space for a commercial-style laundry bin similar to Steele Canvas Basket.  

Over the span of a couple of weekends.   I sketched, doodle, quantity take offs, CAD, order parts and materials, re-design and built a dry-cleaning drop off box.