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An inspiration for Course Magazine comes from bell hooks, Author of  “Communion: The Female Search for Love."

hooks’ proclaims, “Women, more so than men, spend an astounding amount of money to learn more about the nature of intimacy, to learn ways to make relationship work.* Yet we have created no schools of love, no think tanks that help us understand love better, nor have we created a diverse large body of insightful writing on the subject. The time has come for women who are genuinely and passionately concerned with love to insist that love be valued in our culture. The insistence must stem concretely from the willingness to acknowledge our historical role in the devaluation of love. It must be grounded in an absolute refusal of sexist stereotypes that falsely tell us that females are inherently more loving than males, and in an absolute willingness to do the work of love, no matter how difficult, no matter the sacrifice.”
*Course Magazine is inclusive of gender diversity and is not exclusive to heteronormative terms such as men or women.

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