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2019 Goals and Projects

Just as the title says…2019 Goals and Project.

This year I would like to focus, well more on re-focusing on building new products. However, I believe that I need to refine previous projects and finish off on open ones. Here are some of the upcoming projects.

  • Ivy’s picnic table Due: March 1, 2019

  • The Monthly Project with Ben Dahl (documenting and showing the process of bringing an idea to life in 30days)

  • Focus on branding UPTOWN DESIGN STUDIO

  • Soft Goods: amigo/amiga look-book (getting them into stores, wholesale, and markets)

  • Boutique Shop: Collaboration with Mike Rivera (No Humans Around X UPTOWN) Apparel

  • Chicago Talks produced by A City Made By People: A monthly speaking event

  • A City Made By People Issue 4 : Due Mar-April 2019